mandatory summer reading list

from 2nd through 5th grades

Students are required to read these books over the summer break. An assessment will be given upon return; therefore, it is necessary that they take the time to read and understand them over the summer holiday.

The books for students entering each grade next year are listed below. There is a list for English speaking students and a separate list for English language learners.

English speaking students are:

students currently enrolled at EFAM for the 2018-2019 school year

or new students enrolled at EFAM for the 2019-2020 school year coming from schools in North America or other English-speaking countries,

or students coming from schools with English bilingual programs, or who can read grade-level books in English (for instance, an 8 year-old who can read books meant for native English readers of the same group).

ELL (English language learners):

students not currently enrolled at EFAM for the 2018-2019 school year and who do not read or speak English at their grade level (this includes students coming from France who have had beginner English lessons).

table reading.jpg

We have put together a breakdown of Scholastic prices compared to Amazon. Feel free to acquire the books however you see fit. If you choose to order through the Scholastic website, they will be delivered to the school and sent home with the children, most at a much more suitable price, with no shipping charges. To receive the books here on time, they must be ordered online before June 5th.

To order books online through Scholastic, please visit . Follow the link for “Parents: Connect to a Teacher”, and enter the 5-Digit Class Code which is:

North campus: TPX46 South campus: RTB3N

From there, you can just type in the title and/or author into the search bar and add to your cart.

We also highly recommend English summer workbooks to keep practicing their English over the summer. We have attached the links for two titles that we recommend:

Scholastic Summer Splash Learning Activities OR Sylvian Summer Smart

(The links are for grades 2-3, but they have different editions for each grade)

If you have any questions, please contact your child's current English teacher. For students not currently enrolled at EFAM, please contact the academic director, Aisha McLorin at .